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Lego Club



Lego clubs are a haven for those children who take a little time to fit in, or for non-sporty children.  Lego teaches simple mechanics, improves fine motor skills, social skills and encourages creativity. In 2014, Lego Club was introduced on Thursday lunchtimes by Kerry D’Arcy (ESO staff), and assisted by Karen Naylor (ESO staff) to improve the choice of activities available to the children at lunchtimes.  Students from Grade 1 to Grade 3 have the opportunity to play/build with Lego and is a great way to socialise with other children from the school.

Lego Club has now opened its doors in Term 3 to the Preps, with a special Prep corner, but all areas are accessible for them. The club has been a great addition to the many programs Parkhill Primary School has to offer.  It is exciting to see the number of children who attend on a regular basis.

Games Club



Every Tuesday in the Library at lunchtime, Tim Robertson, our volunteer Games Club leader, organises board games for our students to play. Encouraging students to try new games that they are not familiar with helps students to relax from a busy day and to enjoy some quiet time with their schoolmates. Through playing board games, children learn to interact, co-operate and take turns.

Some of the games enjoyed are, Guess who, Chess, Connect Four and Trouble. Tim also helps the younger children to draw and colour and to construct with Lego which they love to do. The Library is a popular place at Lunchtime on Tuesdays and this is very much due to our volunteer, Tim!

Active After School Sporting Communities Program



In 2014 we committed to delivering a quality, safe and fun after-school sport program for all of our primary school children at Parkhill.

Parents can get their child involved in a healthy, active, inclusive and fun sports program called the Active After-School Sporting Communities Program.

This is a Government funded program whose objectives are to:

  • Enhance the physical activity levels of Australian primary school children through a nationally coordinated program.
  • Provide increased opportunities for inclusive participation in quality, safe and fun sport and other structured physical activities.
  • Stimulate local community involvement in sport and other structured physical activity.
  • We offer our children two afternoons per week for seven consecutive weeks, an after school sporting program run at our school for FREE!

Each term the children have the opportunity of participating in sporting programs that are not necessarily main stream. Sports such as: fencing, athletics, karate, badminton, soccer and circus skills are offered. These programs are delivered by skilled instructors with all equipment provided.

Aside from the physical benefits, this program also improves the confidence and self-esteem of the children. By engaging our children in sport, and delivering a fun and free physical activity in a safe environment we hope to inspire our children to continue to be active.

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