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At Parkhill Primary School we create a learning environment and relationships that encourage and support all students to reach their full potential.
Who are we?
Parkhill Primary School is situated in the suburb of Ashwood. With new buildings and expansive tree filled grounds, we offer the best education for students from Foundation to Year 6. Your child's school years will be filled with fun and wonder as they discover themselves and the world around them.
We warmly welcome the opportunity to share the Parkhill experience with you.
What our parents say

With big open skies and nature abound, Parkhill creates a wonderful environment not only for academic learning but also for the very important learning of social and emotional wellbeing. How wonderful it is to have found a school that understands that you can’t have one without the other.

As working parents, Parkhill’s approach to multi-layered communication allows us to stay connected to what is happening within the school hence creating a strong sense of community.

We feel fortunate to be a part of a small close-knit community where our children are known by staff, students and parents. This provides a strong sense of ‘the village’ it takes to raise a child.

Parkhill teachers are positive, dedicated and caring people with the best interests of their students at heart.

As we walked out of the school gates on the final day of term, my son turned to me and said, ‘Mum, I love Parkhill!” As a parent, you couldn’t ask for more than that.

I love the way the kids are asked to broaden their thinking and consider the wider world. When they learn about Indigenous culture and history and are inspired to write letters to their neighbours about Sorry Day, when they learn about their environment and lecture us about how long coffee pods take to break down, or just when they learn about a new food in garden class and want me to use it in the dinner, I feel really grateful for the teachers at Parkhill.

Remote learning gave us an insight to how the teachers approached learning and how they nurture the students. Through this, Parkhill consistently showed us how it creates a positive, safe and supportive environment for our children to learn.

Our daughter started Foundation this year and we couldn’t have asked for a more nurturing, fun and passionate teacher to begin the primary school journey with. We are also impressed at how quickly Parkhill adapted to the changes brought on by Covid and how well our teacher engaged the students online and took the time to give in-depth feedback on homeschooling assignments. The vibe of the school has been warm and welcoming, and we just love seeing how much our daughter enjoys going to school.

Our three boys have loved Parkhill. They’ve had wonderful, dedicated teachers and have made great friends. As parents we appreciate the opportunities to be involved with the fantastic Parkhill community.

We have experienced a caring and welcoming community at Parkhill. The teachers know our children so well and cater to both their wellbeing and learning needs. Our kids love going to school at Parkhill.

For our family, Parkhill Primary School has been the perfect fit. We love that Parkhill’s a small school with a strong focus on the community and building relationships with it’s families. Obviously learning and education are priorities, but more importantly, we’ve found that Parkhill nurtures each child’s individual needs and wellbeing along the way.

My kids feel right at home at school. Because of its natural setting and huge grounds, they really have room to move their bodies and explore, and because of the small community feel, the care groups and the composite classes, they have confidence with kids of different ages and have made friends across all year levels.

At Parkhill PS, every teacher knows every child by name. We love the strong sense of community at the school – from parent helpers in classrooms and on excursions, The PFA, Twilights Sports, School Concerts and Fun Food and Carols; there are so many ways for families to be involved in their child’s learning journey. I could not think of a better school for my three children.

We chose Parkhill Primary over the other schools in the area because of its smaller size and its ability to focus on the needs of the individual students. The involved community supports each other and the kids just love the feeling of space the school on the hill gives.

Empowering students
We believe in teaching the whole child at Parkhill Primary School: nurturing students to set high expectations for themselves to become the best they can. A strong emphasis and dedicated program on Social Emotional Learning (SEL), along with our embedded school values, helps to achieve this.
our learning
Our programs are designed to create optimistic, resilient lifelong learners with skills for future success as responsible citizens in our global world.
We warmly welcome the opportunity to share the Parkhill experience with you.
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