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Winter Sports – Round 3



Last Friday 13th May Parkhill played a game of footy against Huntingtower. The score was 136 to 70, Parkhill won! It was awesome to see both schools having fun and playing and Huntingtower held up a great fight. Well done Parker on getting your first goal. Thanks to Huntingtower for letting us use their footy oval and refereeing the game. One last thank you to Mrs Guy for scoring and organising us. Good job Parkhill, undefeated.

Written by Jasper and William


It was fantastic to see everyone engaged in soccer rounders with great sportsmanship and cheering. In the end Parkhill won with 119 points and Huntingtower with 111 points. It was a very close match and Parkhill barely scrapped in the extra points to win. Big thanks to everyone who helped and the students who set up the balls for the opposing team. 

Written by Charlie and Aimer


Last Friday we played netball at Huntingtower. Sadly we lost 17 to 20, it was a very close game. Even though we lost everyone played really well and both schools showed great sportsmanship.

Written by Abigail and Maia 


Huntingtower took a furious lead but Parkhill fought back, unluckily we lost 28 to 5. Big shout out to Oscar Fagan who  started off really nervous but by the end of the game he was stealing the ball from people. Thank you to the teachers and helpers that made this possible.

Written by Michael and Raf.

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