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Who Are We?

to Parkhill Primary School

We understand that choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a family.

At Parkhill our united approach ensures your child is nurtured through their formative years, so that they leave with a life-long love of learning.

Our school values not only underpin our strong Social Emotional Learning programs but they simply become ‘The Parkhill Way’. The attitudes and behaviours that we see in the classroom and playground every day.


Through working as a united learning community, our purpose is to produce optimistic, resilient lifelong learners with skills for future success as responsible citizens in the 21st century.







parkhill people
nurturing success

High expectations

Clearly defined learning goals and success criteria give direction and purpose to learning.

Meeting individual needs

Students learn at different rates and in different ways. Teachers identify the individual needs through data and differentiate learning accordingly.

a team approach

“It takes a village to raise a child”.
Parkhill staff work together to ensure consistency in practice and modelling of the school values.

home/school partnership

The best outcomes are achieved when parents and teachers work together, our ‘open door’ policy helps to keep communication open.

the learning environment

From our learning environment to our amazing grounds, students come to school with a sense of belonging and leave with a love of learning.


Parkhill Primary School stakeholders – students, teachers, support staff and parents have all had input in redeveloping our school values.

CARE – Our Parkhill community is caring and inclusive. We show empathy, reflect on our actions and strive to recognise and understand emotions in others. We hold high expectations of ourselves, uphold school values and support others when they need help.

COMMUNITY – Our Parkhill community is built on relationships. We restore our problems, we value and include diverse ideas and we have strong community input. Our schoolwide Care Groups and genuine student leadership program show that at Parkhill, we are stronger together.

COURAGE – At Parkhill we take risks and welcome challenges as every mistake is an opportunity to learn. We show resilience and bounce back from life’s problems, practising our growth mindset. This is how we learn and grow.

CURIOSITY – We value Student Voice at Parkhill. Our learning revolves around student needs and interests and Parkhill students are engaged learners who are encouraged to dig deeper. Natural curiosity is harnessed through an inquiry approach in many learning areas.


2023 Annual Implementation Plan
2019-2023 School Strategic Plan
Annual Report To The Community 2022
Essential Agreement

Our community Essential Agreement guides the way we interact with each other, conduct ourselves and value the community. At Parkhill we believe that to teach children effectively we must know them both as people and as learners. We dedicate time to developing positive relationships and building a strong sense of connection and belonging with their learning environment.

We warmly welcome the opportunity to share the Parkhill experience with you.
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