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School Council

Our School council
is made up of a valued group of parents, staff, community members and the school principal.

We look for parents that are passionate about contributing to school improvement and shaping the future of the school.

To become a school council member, you must first nominate yourself and then be elected to the position. Elections usually take place in February or March each year. Each school council member must then elect to be part of one or more sub committees. 

Duties of the School Council include the following:

  • Determining educational policies within government and Department of Education guidelines
  • Maintaining the school buildings and grounds and planning for their future development and improvement
  • Promoting and maintaining the school’s positive image
  • Consulting community on school related issues
  • Managing the school’s finances


Being a School Councillor is an excellent way to build a genuine understanding of how a school operates. It gives insight into the finances and resources that the school has, and the decisions about how to best allocate those resources in order to give our kids the best education possible. It also offers an opportunity to be involved in understanding the strategic planning and balancing of resources and priorities that schools must undertake. However, importantly, as well as building this understanding, a vibrant School Council can also play a role in shaping priorities, acting as a sounding board for school leaders on resource allocation, and helping to identify and lead new initiatives to improve the school, the community and the opportunities for our kids. - Dan Edwards (School Council President)

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