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Where’s Wally?

Parkhill Primary School Concert 2022

The students and staff are getting super excited for the upcoming school concert – “Where’s Wally”! Preparation is well underway, and it is shaping up to be an amazing, spectacular event!

There will be three Performances: * Monday 5th September 11am (Matinee) * Tuesday 6th September 6:30pm * Wednesday 7th September 6:30pm

Ticketing Information will be sent out at a later date.

Each class has a special song and dance to perform at each of the concert performances. Students practise their items during Performing Arts, as well as extra rehearsals led by our wonderful parents Marinda, Buni and Sam, in conjunction with the classroom teachers, throughout each week.

Each class has a special theme:

F/1A – Farm

F/1B – Pirates 

2/3A – Ocean 

2/3B – Space 

4/5A – Circus 

4/5B – Jurassic 

5/6A – Jungle 

6B – Haunted House

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