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Parkhill’s powering full steam ahead!

What do you get when you have rainbows, noise, fog, mess, flour , nails and fire? 
A super fun science show!


On Tuesday afternoon Parkhill students were treated to a fantastic interactive science show from Fizzics Education. Through a series of experiments students learnt about how air moves, light and colour works, how pressure can be spread  and how vibrations makes noise and fire dance.


Teaching the practicalities of science. How to use hot and cold air to toilet paper the school. He’s not saying you should…but you could…
Who would have thought you can make fire from flour!?
Can you remember the 3 ingredients needed to make fire?
The elephant horn showed us how air creates vibrations which creates sound, a very annoying sound!
How do you make fire dance? Play it some awesome music!
Using a Reubens tube and vibrations at different pitches will cause the flame to respond to the sound waves and dance.
Green light is absorbed by the body and cannot be seen when you stick a laser up your nose. Red lasers can be seen because the light is absorbed by the haemoglobin in our blood.
Another fun experiment showing how we can use our lung capacity and the movement of air to blow up a bag.
Dispersing the pressure over a larger surface area means that the balloon didn’t pop, even with 400 nails!
A brave Raf sitting on a chair of 400 nails.
Would you sit under a balloon filled with water with someone holding a flame to it?
The answer depends on where the flame is. If it touches where the water is, the water absorbs the heat and the balloon won’t burst.
But…when you hold the flame just at the balloon!
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