Reading with your Child

Reading with Your Child (the beginning reader) Your part in the process is to foster enjoyment, relaxation and a positive attitude towards reading and books. Mostly it means just cuddling up together with a story book or an interesting non fiction book. There is nothing more important than this shared pleasure, as together the word opens up through print and pictures that stays still for as long as you wish and that can be turned to over and over again! The excitement of learning to read can also be shared in many ways. Little take home readers, library books, magazines, newspapers, TV ads, menus, billboards, recipe books, instructions and many more.

When you are sharing a “Take Home Reader”, try this:

  1. Set the scene (meaning cue). Talk about the cover, generally about the content, flip through the book using some of the words.
  2. You read the book. Take your finger under the words, getting into the rhythm if the text is repetitive, referring to the pictures as they support the text. (Can you find the word on the page that matches this picture?)
  3. Your child may begin to predict ahead of your reading and may either join in or take over the reading by about page 3 or 4.
  4. Your child reads the book alone. Sometimes he may wish to “shadow” your reading.

AT UNKNOWN WORDS: Pause, Prompt, Praise

Useful prompts:

  • What would make sense there? (Look at the picture)
  • What sound does it start with? (Begin to sound it out)
  • Does that sound like good English?

Kay Edwards