Communicating with the school

The support and participation of parents are seen as vital factors in the success of school programs. Constructive involvement by parents leads to positive outcomes for the school and for individual students. School Policy is instigated by sub-committees of School Council, which consult with members of the school community in an attempt to identify school needs and directions. In this process, parents and teachers are all involved in a partnership of decision-making. Teachers inform parents about classroom programs through info rmation nights, newsletter items, parent/teacher interviews and involvement in sub-committees. The School Council and sub-committees and the PFA are official school bodies on which parents are represented. Many parents are involved with educational activities such as the Perceptual Motor Program, Swimming Program, Excursions and Camps, Applied Mathematics, and Reading. The School Council also arranges working bees to help with school maintenance and improvement.

Communication with the Principal and Teachers Parents are welcome to visit the Principal to discuss school matters or meet with their child’s teacher to discuss matters concerning their child or classroom. Since teachers’ schedules are busy, it is important to make an appointment.