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Open Night

Parkhill is powering  full STEAM ahead. Lots of fun was had in the STEAM room making boats and learning about surface tension with items that can be found just in your kitchen cupboards. 

Tuning in to 150 years of public education and our numeracy program, students explored the number 150. How high can you stack 150 paper cups, without knocking them over?

How much do 150 unifix weigh? How many centicubes equal 150 grams? How many counters weigh the same as 150 blocks?

Lucas and Maryam were keen to find out.

Mrs Eriksen showcased all the wonderful offerings of Performing Arts, music, dance and drama.

Students especially enjoyed the drums and bells, providing some background instrumental for the evening.

The community spirit was strong with students and parents participating in our collaborative art projects. More rock decorating for our dry river bed coming soon and portraits in all the colours of the rainbow.

A game of Chinese checkers proved a hit, especially with Mrs Tu and Mr Sciacca.

The beautiful display of the kitchen garden provided a talking point among parents and students who are all excited to hear the cooking is back! 

What better way to wrap up a fun filled night than with a fantastic performance by the Parkhill choir. 

Noah and Lucas  introduced our new values of CARE, CURIOSITY, COMMUNITY AND COURAGE and our new mantra Parkhill’s powering full STEAM ahead!

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