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NEVR Youth Choir


NEVR Youth Choir

The angelic sound of children’s voices filled Hamer Hall on Monday 29th May at the NEVR Youth Concert. The concert was a celebration of music in North Eastern Victorian Region state schools with 570 students performing on the evening in a range of orchestras, bands and choirs. Parkhill students performed brilliantly alongside their fellow choir members from eight other primary schools. A massive thank you to Marinda Tanner for organising the event and teaching the children the songs! It was a memorable experience for all involved.

This is what our choir members had to say about their experience:

“I enjoyed where we sat and listened. It was nice, I liked the different styles like rock and roll.” – Raphael

“It was amazing getting exposed to new teachers and new students and songs!” – Eshelle

“I enjoyed singing to practice my voice and to get better than my dad.” – Alex

“I liked performing at Hamer Hall with my friends.” – Quin

“It was so much fun and I would love to have the experience again.” – Xavier

“I enjoyed singing with the group.” – Selena

“My favourite song was Firefly, I liked singing it.” – Aiden

“I felt excited. My favourite song was Firefly.” – Ayesha

“I felt fancy in a fancy place and I love singing with other kids. I felt really nervous but I eased into it.” – Gemma

“It was nervousing (get it) but fun.” – Poli

“I would do it again because I like singing with groups!” – Layla

“It was a once in a lifetime experience.” – Kara

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