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National Apology Day

Hello everybody,

This Sunday is National Apology Day. On this day 14 years ago the Prime Minister apologised to the Stolen Generation. Lots of First Nations kids were stolen from the government. They took them a long long way away from their family and their mums cried.

Some kids died, some kids did not find their families and some kids found their homes when they were older and they still feel sad today.

At Parkhill Primary we have learnt about the apology and what this means to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. At Parkhill we recognise the wrong doings made in the past for First Nations Peoples, with the need of a better and more empowering future.

Archie Roach, my uncle, was part of the stolen generation. He wrote a song called ‘took the children away’ which we will play part of this for you today.

As we play this song for you, we ask a member of each class to bring forward their sorry hand wreath to pay our respects to First Nations peoples at assembly.

Written by Sariah and Santannah

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