Library News

A big congratulations to Ruby Ditton.

Ruby correctly guessed how many photos we had contributed to our Catch Them Reading competition and wins a lovely book prize. Good guessing Ruby!

We have had a busy term in the Library with Book Week and the Short Listed Book Awards.

The theme for this year has been Connected to Reading. The Grade 2s made connections with the children in Grade 2 at Caulfield Grammar. We exchanged book marks and letters. Please see the notice board for a copy of the letter sent to us from Caulfield – the children loved our bookmarks, as we did theirs.

Happy Reading!

Mrs Bateman

Our Library Resource Centre is a great place to visit!

Students have Library lessons once a fortnight, but can borrow books at any time.

We run an annual Book Fair and have Challenge Book Groups where children can participate in Book Clubs. We read, discuss and share our thoughts on a range of literature.

One of the highlights of the year is our Book Parade during Literacy Week. All the students (and teachers) dress up as their favourite book character – a lot of fun for everyone!