Parkhill TV

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Parkhill TV …. LIVE!


Parkhill Primary School has launched an exciting new opportunity for our students with the establishment of a “fully operational” digital television news broadcasting studio onsite. Parkhill TV …. LIVE!


This facility allows students to produce a weekly “current affairs” type program that is shown throughout the school via the interactive whiteboards in the classrooms. Students use their already solid multimedia and literacy skills to work on a “real” and “live” television set, further growing and developing their confidence in public speaking.


Students in Grades 5 and 6 have the opportunity to fulfil many exciting roles each week.

Starting with being a:

    • director


    • producer


    • film crew


    • editor


    • journalist


    • roaming reporter


    • sports reporter


    • researcher


    • an analyst


    • copywriter


    • news reader


    • weather presenter


    • and many many more.

Students learn:

    • to work in teams


    • presentation skills


    • production strategies


    • editing skills


    • new programs on iPads


    • creative writing skills


    • filming techniques


    • claymation / animation


    • to create storyboards


    • voice overs


    • about iMovies

Students have the opportunity to interview local school personalities, their footy team, their parents, teachers and more. Students develop and create advertisements, opening and closing graphics, titles and marketing materials. We invite all students, staff and families to get involved. Encourage your child to become the next international news anchor person or great journalist or television show host. Who knows, the next Eddie McGuire or Tracey Grimshaw is waiting to emerge at Parkhill Primary School!