Model Solar Car Challenge



The Model Solar Car Challenge is a competition that runs every year, tasking participants to design a model car that runs only on solar power and is the fastest of them all!

It links elements of Science, Engineering, Design, Technology and a good amount of Carpentry, mixed with a lot of elbow grease and teamwork. Most schools that participate are high schools, and so the resultant cars are of a very high calibre.

Parkhill has entered cars (and sometimes boats) each year since 2010, and earned a swag of awards over the years, even making it to Nationals on more than one occasion. We usually operate in teams of three or four, and work steadily in terms 1, 2 and 3, with final touches in term 4 just before the competition.

The Model Solar Challenge Competition dates in 2020 are the 17th and 18th of October. The Competition is held at Scienceworks, Spotswood, with each day running from approximately 8:00am until 4:00pm.

Current schedule times and notices are below. Anyone is welcome to come along to workshops in the Artroom – have a bit of a look, or even chip in to help out. Hope to see you there!

M Smith
Solar Challenge Coordinator