Little Scientist, Big Science

Four very lucky Parkhill Primary School representatives have been attending the Little Science, Big Science program at John Monash Science School. The Year 10 students at John Monash Science School run the program with guidance from their teachers. Cody, Martin, Jade and Madi will attend four sessions and then put together a presentation of their interest to display at the John Monash Science Fair in October. Below is Madi’s recount of their first session.

Hi everyone, I’m Madi and I am one of 4 students that got to do a program called Little Scientist, Big Science at John Monash Science School. The first science lesson was on bacteria. We did 3 experiments. The first experiment was looking at the bacteria in yogurt. We used microscopes and then drew what we saw, the bacteria in yogurt is lactobacillus. The next experiment we did was one we had done at school but it was still fun. We put yeast and sugar in a test tube and put warm water in one, hot in another and the final one with cold water. We put balloons onto the top of the test tubes and watched them be blown up by the carbon dioxide that the yeast is breathing. The final experiment was not much of an experiment but what we did was we got an agar Petri-dish and put special oil on it and in two weeks we might have grown some bacteria. I really enjoyed the first little scientist program. I can’t wait to go to the next little scientist day!

Madi W – 5/6S