Just Get Active

JGA – Primary Health Program

JGA realises that the efficient use of the body and mind, as life-long ‘value-adding tools’ requires the knowledge and use of correct methods of practice. The repeated attempts to master JGA theories (i.e. strength, aerobic, flexibility, mindfulness) builds qualities, which both enhance positive life experiences and reduce the severity of negative ones. JGA Primary Health provides a non-competitive opportunity for children to learn, understand, and apply the necessary skills required for a long, productive, and positive life.

Each structured JGA session is comprised of a series of exercises, which have been selected based on their documented benefits and suitability. The training sequence is designed to transition from one activity to the next creating a seamless sense of rhythm and flow.

Program demands in terms of complexity, effort and duration increase as the student develops, thereby facilitating each student’s advancement in the understanding and application of their long-term positive health practice both in mind and body.

Each term, teachers will have access to new, year level specific, training packs, which will include a variety of HD videos ranging from 3 to 16 min in length, plus relevant instructional running sheets, pictorials and dedicated videos detailing the correct form and benefits of each exercise in the series.

Each term’s program will cover topics such as posture, balance, breathing, stress management, resilience, as well as containing elements from the 5 JGA fitness modules:

  1. Engagement (Warm-up)
  2. Cardio/respiratory (aerobic)
  3. Strength
  4. Flexibility
  5. Mindfulness

JGA programs do not require any exercise equipment and have been designed to be do-able within a ‘standard’ classroom setting. Teachers need no ‘additional training’ to administer the program, all they need do is press start and watch the JGA Team do the rest, unless, of course, they too wish to Just Get Active.