For a number of years Parkhill Primary Schools has identified students to participate in the G.A.T.E.WAYS program. This program derives its name from the idea that the sessions cater for gifted and talented students, although at Parkhill we believe in all students having the opportunity to participate. This independently run organisation conducts rich educational programs in a variety of curriculum areas across three levels of the school; grade one/two, grade three/four, and grade five/six. One of the benefits of participating in this program is that it enables our students to mix with likeminded students who enjoy the challenges that GATEWAYS programs provide. Places for these programs are highly sought after and difficult to obtain but they are a wonderful opportunity for our students.

The G.A.T.E.WAYS Challenge takes place in Term 4. School teams are made up of students who exhibit advanced abilities across the curriculum. Over the course of a day teams rotate through a number of Challenge activities. The focus is on teamwork over individual performance. Each child has an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in one of the challenges. Strong emphasis is placed on creativity, lateral thinking and problem solving skills. Information about the Challenge can be found at:

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