Learning Programs


The QuickSmart program is designed to improve a students’ understanding and recall of basic number facts, along with a focus on mathematical language and problem-solving skills. The primary aim of QuickSmart is for the students to develop automaticity, by teaching faster and more efficient strategies for recall across all four operations – ie. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The program consists of three 30-minute lessons per week.  Students work in pairs for lessons and where possible are matched with a student with similar learning needs. 

Each lesson begins with a review of the set of number facts the student is currently working on.  Each student is encouraged to demonstrate their understanding of the required processes by discussing and explaining the strategies they are using. Flash cards are also used assist students to develop automatic recall, along with associated timed speed sheets. This is followed by some independent practice and problem solving activities and the session ends with a fun, but educational math game. Throughout the program, students self monitor and receive immediate feedback on their progress.

Parkhill TV

Parkhill TV is our very own school media channel where students plan, film, edit and upload entertaining and informative video segments for school viewing.

Parkhill TV integrates the curriculum areas of Digital Technologies, Drama, and Critical and Creative Thinking, but there’s a lot of other learning in there too!

Y5 and Y6 students work together in flexible groupings, coming up with ideas for segments. Topics range from covering school events and looking at the learning taking place in different classes to teaching key skills such as games to play in the yard or how to tie a shoelace. Students plan storyboards, film and edit using iMovie software, upload their creation and receive feedback from the school.

Key learning includes:

  • Explicit understandings of camera angles, sound and points-of-view
  • The creative cycle: planning > filming > editing > feedback > planning
  • Targeting the specific needs of an audience
  • Technical editing skills
  • Social skills, including flexibility and open-mindedness
  • Problem solving

Our students love Parkhill TV! Older students love filming it, younger students love watching it, and everyone loves seeing themselves on it!


At Parkhill, we run the program from F-Y6 with fortnightly lessons each semester. The program is run in collaboration with classroom teachers and an educator from Cultivating Communities. Our parent community are involved as well and we are so grateful to our wonderful team of volunteers who come each week to make Garden Classes possible.

Garden Class is one of the lessons that is most eagerly anticipated by our students. The garden consistently provides us with links to learning in curriculum areas such as STEAM, Inquiry and English. We are also incorporate aspects of Aboriginal Culture into the program. During each lesson, students learn about sustainability, garden maintenance and cooking using produce from the garden. Here are some examples of ‘snapshot writing’ using our garden as inspiration.

“I feel excited and in the mood for garden.

I touch the soft leaves of the strawberries.

I smell a sweet aroma coming from the kitchen.

I see lots of greenery everywhere.

I am grateful for how much effort Stephanie and Mrs P put in.”

By Bella, Y2

“I feel the hot, bright sun on my back

I touch a sunflower and I feel the smooth petals.

I hear the chickens peck at the door, trying to get out.

I see the plants growing and getting taller and taller.

I feel excited as I walk through  the garden, eager to find out what we are doing today.

I smell the cooking as I walk into the kitchen.”

By Noah, Y3