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Learning Celebrations F/1

As you can see the F/1s have been having a lot of fun tuning in to our next inquiry ‘Me and my Family’. The students were placed into 5 random groups and were able to experience through play, common family activities such as going on a picnic, eating a meal together, looking after younger siblings, going shopping and going camping. Once we returned to our classroom we gathered questions and wonderings relating to family life which will drive our future learning.
Can you guess what the F/1s are learning about as they role play and have fun in the different play spaces? If you guessed the students are learning all about ‘families’ then you would be correct!
 The ‘tune in’ phase invites all students to engage in hands-on experiences that tune them into their new inquiry learning topic. 
As you can see, small group learning through dramatic play experiences has allowed students to explore different roles of family members. We had fun with families going away on camping trips, relaxed and dined ourselves on picnics, put babies to sleep, enjoyed a family dinner and even ticked off the monotonous task of going to the grocery store. These pretend families really did it all!
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