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Learning Celebrations 4/5

In inquiry, in 4/5A, we have been learning about Technology in our World. We discovered that technology is everywhere, and not just devices.  We have inquired into rubber band propelled cars. We have designed our own rubber band car, and then we were able to make it with our partner. We got inspired by a model, and decided how we could make it even better. We found this activity very enjoyable!

What have been our favourite tasks? 

Ada: “ I enjoy writing because I get to write whatever I want about a picture. I also enjoy SEL because I get to learn new games”.

Anna:” My favourite thing I enjoyed in maths so far is the length and perimeter. My favourite specialist is Performing Art.

Rayan: “ I liked doing measurement and P.E”.

Rebecca:”  Performing art play was very funny and entertaining. I liked writing information report on Roald Dahl”.

 Shuji:”My favourite thing is maths and steam cause its fun that steam is like making something, its like science. Maths is a bit easy and fun to learn for me”.

Eshelle:”I enjoyed doing our information reports. It was really fun. I love finding new words in the dictionary. It is very interesting. I liked doing multiplication and learning new things. I love using the microscopes in steam”.

Sarah:’ The writing activities because I liked the Water Cycle lesson”. I also liked P.E because we played Capture the flag”.

 Jaiyana:” Steam and writing information reports”.


Ben: “Steam and Maths.”

Riley: Making a robot for perimeter and using a microscope in Steam.”

Aussie:” Human Robot perimeter in maths and everything in P.E.”

Alex K: “ Favourite thing to learn is Maths and specialist is P.E

Alicia:” I love writing because it was fun writing about what was your most embarrassing moment (Recount), and Steam because we could ……. Your body. It was very fun. I wish I could do it again”.

Mia: “ My most favourite so far is writing because I enjoyed learning about paragraphs, and P.E because I enjoyed all the activities outside especially the Hurdles.”

Sariaha:” Maths because I like learning Maths.”

Raphael” P.E.”

Alex Z: “ reading because I can read and Steam.”


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