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Students in F/1 were treated to a special incursion today run by the students of 5/6A and 6B as the action to their inquiry unit.  Putting their learning into practice and channelling their experiences at Sovereign Hill the students make an immersive experience for the younger students to enjoy.  
The students enjoyed learning about food from the goldrush times, with visits to the butchers, bakers and general store as well as enjoying some damper and freshly made butter. Horseshoes were forged out of wire and used to enjoy some old fashioned games.
They purchased a mining licence so they could mine for gold in our underground (table) mine and and dry creek bed. Those lucky enough could exchange their gold for money at the local bank or take it to the blacksmiths who melted it down into gold bullions. But beware those who had obtained a bootleg licence as they were carted off to goal by the local authorities. 
Some students even attended an authentic school where they learnt handwriting on chalkboards, and the local women taught them the proper way for a young child to behave while knitting by their campfire. 
Lots of fun was had by all!


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