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Fun in LOTE

Gong Xi fa Cai! 恭喜发财!

Xin Nian Hao! 新年好!Parkhill families! We have had a wonderful start of the year. The Year of the Tiger! The students experienced a traditional Chinese folk sport – kicking the shuttlecocks during LOTE lessons. Watch the shuttlecock fly in the air! The Year 2&3 students loved playing the game ‘fly swatters’ (pictured above) during LOTE lesson. This game is great for the students to consolidate their newly learnt vocabularies while having fun.

我们有一个美好的开端。虎年!学生们体验了一项中国传统民间运动——在LOTE课上踢毽子。看羽毛球在空中飞翔! 2 年级和 3 年级的学生喜欢在 LOTE 课上玩“苍蝇拍”游戏(如上图所示)。这个游戏非常适合学生在玩乐的同时巩固他们新学的词汇。

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