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Final information for “Where’s Wally?”

Where's Wally flyer
Dear Parents/Carers,
We are almost there and concert fever is rising! In this notice I have included as much information as I can to help you out, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
There are three performances, Monday 5th matinee session at 11:00am, Tuesday 6th evening session at 6:30pm, and Wednesday 7th evening session at 6:30pm.
All children are required to attend all three performances. They will perform with their class, and again at the end of the concert in the finale.
The duration of the concert is around 1 hour and 20 minutes.
We have three performances so the number of tickets per student is not limited. You can invite as many family members and friends to any of the three performances. Parents are not required to attend all three performances; unless you want to, of course!
For the evening performances, please bring your child directly to their classroom for costume change at 6:00pm. Please notify the teacher so attendance can be recorded. Audience members can then proceed to the concert foyer, where refreshments will be provided by the PFA.
Students will be supervised by their classroom teacher throughout each performance and they will be seated in the audience so they can watch the show.
Following the conclusion of the show, at around 8:00pm, please collect your child from their classroom and notify the teacher.
Please note: students will need time to change from their costumes on Tuesday evening into their usual clothing so that we have costumes ready for Wednesday evening.
Recording of the Performance:
The Parkhill Primary School concert for 2022, “Where’s Wally?”, will be recorded professionally by Video Essentials using a two camera mix on the Tuesday evening performance. A notice will go home early next week about this. Both DVDs and MPEG4 video files will be available for purchase for $25.  
Carlie Eriksen
Performing Arts Teacher
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