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Our Facilities

Flexibility was fundamental when designing our new learning spaces. Community consultation and guidance by teachers and architects lead to the development of a bright and airy multipurpose learning environment. Large sliding doors allow for learning spaces to be closed off for more traditional teaching or opened up to allow for more collaborative learning with peers. The interconnected central hubs and wet areas and furniture choices allow the spaces to be re-configured to suit different approaches to learning and teaching. Breakout rooms allow for individual or small group instruction of students participating in special programs or tasks.
With a full size oval, fenced in soccer field, basketball courts, garden, orchard, purpose built playgrounds, sandpits and large decked areas there is no shortage of space for students to explore during their breaks.
Parkhills playgrounds are designed with a focus on nature play and creativity and students are encouraged to interact with the natural environment around them. Research shows that this type of play is important for developing capacities for creativity, symbolic play, problem solving and intellectual development as well as the physical benefits of developing gross motor skills, fitness and eye-hand coordination
A specific Foundation / Year 1 playground allows students starting their school journey to be supported in settling into the school yard gradually. It also provides somewhere quiet to return to if they need a calmer space. Extra supervision of this area by teachers and Grade 6 buddies is also provided at the beginning of the year to make the transition easier.
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