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Class Representatives

become our liaison between parents, teachers and other school groups for your child's class.
Here’s what a class rep is responsible for:

Helping parents of the children in their class get to know each other by arranging social activities such as family picnics and parent get-togethers.

Keeping parents informed about fundraising activities, and school community events.

Helping teachers coordinate parent assistance for programs such as reading and gardening.

Being respectful of everyone’s privacy, maintaining the confidentiality of teachers, students, and parents at all times.

Why become a class rep?

I have found being class rep is a great way to meet other parents and connect to the school community. We organise events to bring families in the year level together, and coordinate any assistance needed by the teacher for the class.
– Zoe L 2021 Class Rep for a year 4 class
Find out more about becoming a Class Rep
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