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Bush Tucker Garden Plants

manna gum
Our votes are in for the native bush tucker plants. I’m going to share which plants we will be ordering from Green Link Nursery after all classes handed in their results. For our trees we are getting a Mana Gum which will be our biggest as it can grow up to 40 metres tall. We also will be getting some Silver Wattle Trees which help to attract bees, birds and butterflies. We be planting a Gold Dust Wattle which in the Woi Wurrung languge is called ‘Wayetuck’. Some of the flowering plants you voted for include the Yam Daisy and our most popular plant is the Chocolate Lily with 151 votes (it smells like chocolate!). The Nodding Saltbush, River Mint, Running Postman and Native Violet will make up our groundcovers. Lastly we are buying a whole bunch of Kangaroo Grass which is an orange and white grass that will bring some colour to the garden. This will all be ready to plant for Reconciliation Week!

By Santanah (Koorie Education Ambassador)
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