Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Parkhill Primary School!

Parkhill Primary School is situated in Ashwood on grounds which offer so much green space for students to enjoy. Our school garden hosts our kitchen garden program where children tend the garden, learn about sustainability, growth and of course the highlight for the children – cooking! We are lucky to have new buildings where our children are supported in their learning journey. The flexible spaces allow for closed, more traditional style learning environments, with larger rolling doors allowing for more flexible breakout spaces when needed.

At Parkhill Primary School, literacy and numeracy are the priority with a whole school learning and teaching approach providing students with explicit instruction and stimulating, challenging tasks. Inquiry learning and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) form a huge part of the school day, allowing children to access learning across the other curriculum domains in a connected and real way.

Our community Essential Agreement guides the way we interact with each other, conduct ourselves and value the community. At Parkhill we believe that to teach children effectively we must know them both as people and as learners, we dedicate time to developing positive relationships and building a strong self of connection and belonging with their learning environment.

The Parkhill vision is to nurture success in all students through their learning by developing a sense of who they are, where they belong and how they can make a difference. We achieve this by providing a safe and stimulating learning environment, rich in our values of care, unity, respect, honesty and persistence. Students are encouraged and supported to become inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, balanced, principled, open-minded, caring, risk takers, reflective and communicators. At Parkhill the team recognise that all children grow at their own rate and in their own way and the staff at Parkhill work hard to meet the needs of all children in our community. In the partnership between home and school, the common aim is to help each child grow into a well-rounded individual.

Additional program we offer at Parkhill in 2021 include Visual and Performing Arts, Chinese, Library, Physical Education, the program of inquiry which encompasses Science, Humanities, Technologies and Sustainability Programs; the Kitchen Garden program, Instrumental Music tuition, Swimming, Athletics, access to GATEWAYS, and JMSS school programs as well as Camp programs, ICAS, chess/games club and more. In 2022 we look forward to developing our Science program and promoting the STEM domains.

Principal: Elaine Brady