The Duke of Edinburgh Award

What is the Compass Award?

The Compass Award is the lead in program to the Duke of Edinburgh Award and prepares children for the challenges that this Award provides. The Compass Award is a program of discovery and adventure for 10-14 year olds. The program fosters positive attitudes to learning whilst building an environment for engagement and interaction between young people, schools and family members. Students choose their own interesting, exciting and challenging activities.

The Compass Award is structured over four progressive levels. To achieve each level, young people create a unique program of activities over a set length of time across four Sections: Physical Activity, Hobbies, Volunteering and Exploration.

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Physical Activity Minimum 3 hours Minimum 6 hours Minimum 10 hours Minimum 15 hours
Hobbies Minimum 3 hours Minimum 6 hours Minimum 10 hours Minimum 15 hours
Volunteering Minimum 3 hours Minimum 6 hours Minimum 10 hours Minimum 15 hours
Exploration Minimum 3 hour exploration Minimum 4 hour exploration Minimum 8 hour exploration 2 days + 1 night

The Compass Award is a great program that enhances the development of the individual child and allows them to succeed beyond academic success. By giving participants the opportunity to try new things and learn new skills, students develop initiative and commitment, in the process becoming more responsible, motivated and inspired students. What makes the Compass Award unique is that students reflect on their activities, what they’ve learned, their skills, and experiences.

The Compass Award introduces the framework of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award at an early age, the world’s leading youth development program. It prepares students to continue onto the Duke of Ed Award, which has endless benefits for their personal development as they continue to learn new skills and improve their employability.


Benefits for students

  • The chance to get out of their comfort zone and increase their confidence and sense of adventure.
  • Builds confidence, self-esteem, maturity, independence, resilience
  • Develop important lifelong skills such as organisation, goal setting, time management
  • Engage with the community and the environment
  • Stay healthy and active


“I have learned the practical skills of commitment, perseverance and so many more. This experience with Compass has made me look to the future and I am planning to undertake the Bronze Duke of Ed Award to continue along this path of discovery.”
– Alexandra, Compass Awardee

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